We Remove Mold!

We are the Mold Men of Pittsburgh, tri-state’s top mold removal and cleaning specialists. The Mold Men of Pittsburgh will assess the level and type of mold you may have. We will determine how dangerous the mold infestation is, and provide the most effective solutions possible to mitigate your mold problem. Our customer’s safety is our number one priority!

Mold Men, Pittsburgh’s Premier mold Removal Company!

Some Of Our Services:

  • Containment of mold infested areas

  • Removal of mold infected materials

  • Application of environmentally friendly spray disinfectants

  • Full wipe down cleaning to ensure mold removal

  • Micro-biostatic treatments which are safer for humans and pets.

  • Full rebuild and restoration options to fix the damage

Our Proven Mold Removal Process


We begin the Mold Men removal process with a free in home inspection and consultation. Having one of our experts there gives you the best service. That’s what makes Mold Men, Pittsburgh’s premier choice.


Only professional third party lab testing can tell you if you have toxic mold. The two sample Mold Men test will show you the level of toxicity, type of mold spores, and how severe your mold problem is.


Containment the most important step! Mold releases spores into the air that can contaminate other areas.  Mold Men, Pittsburgh’s premier mold cleaning company will “Break the Mold” not spread it.


We completely remove mold with concentrated hydrogen peroxide. Mold is dangerous, professional help is required to remove it. Call Mold Men, Pittsburgh’s premier mold company!


Mold Men, Pittsburgh’s top mold company offer post testing, a two year “full service” warranty, as well as, rebuilding and renovation services.  Your health and satisfaction is our top priority.

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Mold Men, Pittsburgh



It’s what makes Mold Men, Pittsburgh’s premier mold cleaning company!

Let’s Get Started!
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“We were very impressed with Mold Men of Pittsburgh and the service they provided. We had mold in multi-levels of our home. They contained all the work areas and we felt very safe with the green technology process they used to remove mold. The work was done in a professional manner and we would recommend Mold Men of Pittsburgh to anyone who has a mold problem.”
Jeff & Carla G. from Upper St. Clair
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“I was very happy with. They did what they said they would do and when they said they would do it. I would highly recommend Mold Men of Pittsburgh and the job they did for me. They were not the only mold remediator I contacted or the first company I contacted.”
John A. from North Hills
“We had a pretty serious mold problem in our attic. Mold Men of Pittsburgh remediated this mold problem and the workers and the staff were very professional and courteous. I was concerned that this job would be a big inconvenience for my family but the way they did the job was no inconvenience at all. I am happy with the service from Mold Men of Pittsburgh.”
Sue H. from Pleasant Hills

2017 Angies List Super Service Award

2017 Angies List Super Service Award