Charitable Givings

We are a company that is concerned with helping others in the western Pennsylvania region and the communities in which we service. We provide services that protect the health and safety of people. We, like people everywhere, are being impacted in so many ways by the coronavirus pandemic. As a company that is considered an essential business to the preservation of life, we want to do our part to help others in the greater communities we serve in all the ways we can.

In April, 2020, we set up a Mold Men of Pittsburgh Charitable Account for the purposes of helping others most in need in our greater community of service. We are pledging to apply 3% of our company’s revenue per month to the charities we have selected. Starting in May 2020, we will make a charitable contribution to:

  1. The Salvation Army of Western Pennsylvania
  2. The Homeless Children's Education Fund
  3. The Light of Life Ministries
  4. Wesley Family Services

We will apply 3% of every service job revenue payment to this charity fund and we will send each one of these organizations a check which represents 25% of our total charitable fund collected each month beginning in April 2020 and paid out each successive month. We will give back to others in need and our customer's will be our partners in this charitable giving through this program.

It was difficult to choose the organizations for who we are contributing. There are literally thousands of charitable organizations out there, most of which are beacons of light in this world we live in, and all deserving of any contributions we can afford to make. We have tried to create a “balanced“ Mold Men of Pittsburgh charitable fund for giving.

More Information On The Organizations We Are Donating To


Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is an organization who helps people in various communities in a variety of ways.

Salvation Army

More information on the Salvation Army


Homeless Children's Education Fund

The Homeless Children's Education Fund is an organization that serves over 4,000 homeless children in Allegheny County alone and provides for homeless children who do not have the basic levels of support.

Homeless Children's Educational Fund

More information on the Homeless Children's Educational Fund.


Light of Life Ministries

The Light of Life Ministries has been around for almost 90 years in Western Pennsylvania and they support many people who are homeless and hungry. In 2019 they provided over 57,000 meals to people and we want to support this.

Light of Life Ministries

More information on the Light of Life Ministries.


Wesley Family Services

Wesley Family Services is a Western Pennsylvania organization which provides support to those among us who are mentally handicapped or mentally challenged in this greater Western Pennsylvania community. 

Wesley Family Services

More information on the Wesley Family Services.