Mold Men of Pittsburgh provides commercial mold removal, inspection, and assessment services to our corporate customers.  We have experience removing mold, cleaning up water damage, and other toxic removal jobs for companies of all sizes.  No mold remediation job is too small for Mold Men of Pittsburgh.


Four Reasons Businesses Should NOT Ignore a Mold Problem

Business Reputation

No matter what business you are in, having the public think you have a toxic mold issue can be devastating to your business, brand, and reputation.

You Employee’s Health

Mold can cause minor to significant health issues during pro-long exposure, and an unhealthy employee is an unproductive employee.

Your Customer’s Health

Making your customers sick is a massive problem for any business.  Ensuring that your business’s environment is safe can save you head aches down the road.

Legal Peace of Mind

If you know that you have a mold problem, ignore it, and someone gets sick from it you may have a legal issue on your hands.

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