This is the Mold Men Image Gallery of previous jobs that the Mold Men have successfully remediated. These are real life cases we have come across. There is no job too big or too small. All of these jobs were fixed up and cleaned by the Mold Men of Pittsburgh. If you can relate to any of the pictures in this Gallery, then you might need to contact us today! Our consultations are FREE!

Mold Men Image Gallery

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A Dirty Warehouse! Before and After

This Mold Men Image is of a Warehouse that had Black Walls and ceilings throughout. The Mold Men of Pittsburgh were called to clean it up. We were tasked with making the Warehouse look pretty again. As you can see the walls in the “After” Image Are white.

That’s the power of the Mold Men!

The owner of this Warehouse didn’t expect those old walls and ceilings to ever come that clean again. As you can imagine, he was quite impressed with the Mold Men Of Pittsburgh.

See the Mold Men Image Below.

Mold Men Image Warehouse ceiling

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