About Mold Men of Pittsburgh

Mold Men of Pittsburgh began in 2011 after our owner, Bill Davis, began doing extensive research into the damaging effects mold can have on a person and property.  Mr. Davis spent over three decades in the fire and water damage restoration business, and realized that there were no great mold removal companies in the greater Pittsburgh area, so he started one.

Mold Men of Pittsburgh quickly became one of the premier mold removal and cleaning companies in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Our knowledge and specialty in managing mold infestation problems has earned us top marks on Angie’s List, Home Advisor, and more.   We  are a full service mold removal and testing company with years of experience and happy customer testimonials. We provide skilled, certified, and licensed restoration and repair services. Our restoration and repair specialists are fully qualified to rebuild your home once the mold remediation project is complete.

Mold Men Standard and Safety Guidlines

The Mold Men of Pittsburgh process is a proven and effective way to remove mold and other environmental hazards. We follow and comply with “IICRC-5520” guidelines and the recommended guidelines of the “EPA” and “CDC”. The products we use are proven to be effective in killing mold, but are safe for you and the environment.  Safety is our top priority.

The Mold Men Team

Our friendly team consists of trained and experienced project estimators & mold remediation technicians. We practice the art and science of mold remediation and cleaning on a daily basis.

We work closely with other well established companies in the Pittsburgh area to offer our clients a full scope of services. Our goal is to make the process of mold removal and prevention as easy as possible.

About Mold Men’s Products

  • Environmentally green products

  • Commercial grade Hydrogen Peroxide solution

  • HEPA vacuum process

  • Mold inhibitor application

Our clean solutions are extremely powerful hydrogen peroxide based.  Hydrogen peroxide is the fourth strongest oxidizer known to man. We use a commercial grade (the stuff you can’t buy in stores), 19.5% hydrogen peroxide formula. This solution attacks all types of mold spores. Killing both live and latent spores at their roots. Mold Men does not use dangerous chemicals, disinfectants or enzymes to remove mold. Our process is safe for both humans and pets.

Mold Facts

  • Mold can cause illness and devalue property

  • You can kill the surface mold but not kill the root spores. We kill the spore & root for a clean, mold free surface

  • Our mold remediation product line, called “REMEDIA”, is a commercial grade hydrogen peroxide solution

  • Toxic mold can be deadly and needs to be cleaned with professional remediators that use commercial grade products