Mold Men Sample Mold Test

Sample Mold TestWhat is a Sample Mold Test? We’re Glad you asked! It’s an actual Mold test that we completed for a customer. The Mold Men Sample Mold Test will tell you exactly what to expect when doing your mold tests through Mold Men Of Pittsburgh.

Our Mold Test stands tall over most other companies that use internal “Store Bought” testing kits! Most of those store bought kits are highly unreliable and can give false readings most of the time. Also, they can’t tell you exactly what’s in the air.

Why Our Mold Test Is Different?

Mold Men of Pittsburgh uses a third party laboratory to complete our testing. That means we have an entire lab working for us! That lab completes the test and gives us a breakdown of every type of Organism present. There is NO guesswork! We then deliver a copy of that official Lab report to you. This is a critical document for any home owner or business owner. Also, it helps the Mold Men determine the best way to remove the mold or environmental hazard. That way we can effectively clean your home or business environment!

Below you may choose a test and click on it. As you will see, the sample test will list out the different organisms in the environment. Our mold tests are some of the most detailed in the industry. If you have any questions or If you Need the Mold Men to do a mold test for you, Please Contact Us Today.

View a sample test below. Pre-test and post-test spore trap analysis (air quality control) and direct microscopic analysis: