Why Get A Mold Inspection?

Determining your property’s health is key to your family’s health. Mold Men of Pittsburgh has professional project estimators who are certified to provide mold inspections and mold testing. We believe that pre-diagnostic testing of mold is very important—it ensures a more accurate mold assessment—but the initial visual mold inspection is always the first step. We want to provide you with the right services and correct your mold issues.

Estimating the job properly is very important to us because we know that providing you with the right information and pricing is important to you!

Difference Between a Mold Inspection and a Mold Test

A mold inspection without a mold test is based on what our certified mold assessors can physically see.  It is purely a visual inspection which is always a great start to determine your situation. The visual inspection is largely based on the experience and knowledge about mold of the inspector. A certified mold assessor will be able to give you a better, more reliable mold inspection with a certified laboratory test.  A mold test will more accurately verify if a mold infestation problem exists. As certified specialists, we normally recommend mold testing but it’s not required in every situation. A post analysis mold test, once remediation is complete is always recommended.

A Mold Inspection gives You:

  • A visual inspection for services
  • A moisture level analysis with digital hygrometer readings and observations of wetness conditions in the environment
  • Recommendations for controlling moisture levels
  • Specific  analysis of building materials and identification of what materials are infected and need to be removed

A Certified Mold Test gives You:

  • Lab-certified scientific analysis which identifies species and concentration of mold
  • Written laboratory report with full scientific analysis
  • 3rd party verification, not only dependent on inspection

The most common type of mold test is the air cassette tape. There’s also a stick or tape test, a sterile swab test and a bulk or material sample test. Invasive wall testing can be done in order to determine concealed contamination. A mold test takes the guesswork out of a mold inspection and will give you verifiable information as to whether you need mold remediation work or not.

The Cost of Testing

The cost of a mold test varies depending on the type and number of tests taken. Each situation is different, but we provide testing quotes for our customers.

The minimum charge for a testing service is $325.00. That is for a 2-sample test. Each additional test sample beyond 2 is $90.00. So if a 4 sample test is warranted this would cost $325.00 + $180.00 = $505.00.

Mold men offers a standard -75 off all testing projects.

Why Should I use Mold Men to Provide Mold Testing Services?

  • Because we are "experts" in the field of mold
  • Because we understand mold removal and mold mitigation work and we do this work everyday, all the time
  • We identify wet mold species and environmentally dangerous species
  • We know how to translate testing results to assessing and estimating work plans to effectively remove and mitigate mold

We Are "More Than" a Testing Provider We Bring All the Knowledge Together Needed for Analysis, and Removal

When you get mold testing from us you get "more than" just identification of mold. We give you expert analysis of how to solve the problem that mold causes.

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