Mold Testing

Pre-Diagnostic Mold Testing Services

The Mold Men of Pittsburgh offers a full line of mold testing services. We use a Certified third party lab to give us the most accurate results possible. Our goal it to provide you with the right information and do the job right the first time. Testing can save you time and money!

The mold testing services that we provide include:

  • Bio-Pump air testing
  • Sterile swab testing
  • Direct microscopic tape analysis testing
  • Invasive wall testing
  • Bulk material testing
  • Carpet and soft goods testing

Why Should I Get A Mold Test?

Mold testing gives you a detailed breakdown of the type of mold you have and how many spores are present. In some cases, testing reveals that there isn’t any mold at all!

There are thousands of mold species and most of them are harmless to humans. There are a few types that are very dangerous though. Knowing the type of mold will give us a definitive course of action on how to remove it. Different types of mold may require a different approach in our remediation and that can impact the cost of services.

Mold testing

We are affiliated with a certified microbial laboratory

Accuracy of any mold situation is very important. Mold testing can determine the type of mold and its toxicity. We don't want to burden our customers with unnecessary work. If you are calling us, then you already have enough on your plate! Our goal is to relieve you of the stress and make your home or business mold-free. Mold Men of Pittsburgh can provide mold testing, set up containment, remove the moldy material, treat the mold, and rebuild and restore the damage caused by mold.