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Delivering Exceptional Mold Removal Services in Sewickley, PA

mold damage cleanup Sewickley PAWe are Mold Men, a distinguished mold removal company with an impressive track record in providing superior mold removal and remediation services in Sewickley, PA. Our commitment to using cutting-edge techniques, superior knowledge, and prioritizing customer satisfaction sets us a cut above the rest. Our mold remediation services range from black mold removal, mold cleanup, to other specialized treatments. Reach out to our experts to protect your home from the harmful effects of mold.

Understanding the Risks Associated with Mold Infestation

Mold, including the dangerous black mold, can cause considerable harm to your property and pose significant health risks. It thrives in damp and humid conditions and often proliferates unseen in hidden places like crawlspaces, basements, and even within upholstery, drywall, carpets, or furniture. The damage caused by mold can weaken your home's structure and harm the indoor air quality, leading to various health complications. Thus, prompt mold damage cleanup and remediation are crucial to maintain a safe and healthy living environment.

Our Proficiency in Mold Remediation

Mold Inspection Sewickley PAWe are renowned in the mold remediation industry for our team of mold specialists. Our team boasts extensive experience in identifying, treating, and eradicating mold infestations, beginning from preliminary mold assessments to ultimate repairs. This comprehensive methodology ensures the safety of your property and your loved ones.

Utilizing Advanced Equipment and Techniques

Our mold removal and remediation services deploy state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques for optimal results. Our use of the latest technology enables precise mold detection and removal, ensuring complete eradication and prevention of future mold recurrences. This detail-oriented approach and incorporation of recent industry advancements result in superior customer satisfaction.

Exhaustive Mold Inspection

Before we begin with mold removal or black mold remediation, we conduct a thorough inspection to assess the infestation's extent and identify the root causes. We employ advanced techniques and tools, including infrared cameras and moisture meters, to detect concealed mold growth. This allows us to formulate a personalized remediation plan to tackle the mold issue efficiently at its source.

Efficient Mold Remediation

After assessing the mold infestation, our mold cleanup company applies a strategic and systematic approach to mold remediation and cleanup. Abiding by the industry's best practices and stringent safety guidelines, we use specialized equipment for efficient and safe mold removal, ensuring successful and long-lasting outcomes.

Preventive Strategies and Sustainable Solutions

Our mold remediation services go beyond just mold cleanup and removal. We offer expert advice on preventive measures, including moisture control and ventilation improvements, to protect your property from future infestations. Our objective is to deliver long-term solutions that maintain a mold-free environment in your home.

Why Trust Us for Your Mold Damage Cleanup Needs in Sewickley, PA?

Mold Removal Sewickley PAOur mold removal services in Sewickley, PA, are distinctive for our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our expertise, professionalism, promptness, competitive pricing, and assurance of customer satisfaction make us the premier choice for addressing your mold issues.

Experience Superior Mold Removal Services with Mold Men

When it comes to effective treatment of toxic mold, professional mold assessments, and comprehensive mold repairs, you can rely on the leading mold removal and mold remediation company in Sewickley, PA - Mold Men. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and make the first move toward a healthier home. We guarantee that our mold mitigation strategies and remediation services will return your property to a safe, mold-free environment.

We offer our services throughout Sewickley PA, including areas with zip code 15143.

Customer Testimonials

Super friendly New Ken staff — made my stress level go down dealing with these folks!! Estimate was very professional and worth the cost. The work was evaluated and scheduled promptly to meet my deadlines needs. The cleaning team was on time and very detailed. Super nice work!!! I can breath easy! You won’t be disappointed with this service.

Maggie McIntyre Fisk

Best price quoted. Purchased a home and the inspector must have missed the basement. It was a disaster. These guys came in and it looks like a totally different basement now and smells clean and fresh. They showed up early and did the job in a day. Everyone was professional and to the point. Now I can get in there and paint!

Nick Vardis

Came out and gave an estimate within two days of my phone call and did the work the next week. Worker was on-time and super friendly and professional. The work was done quick and well. Cannot recommend them enough.

Jess C.

We are selling our home and got an inspection report that we had mold in our attic. I called the Mold Men after I asked a contractor friend if he knew anyone who did mold work. He said he hadn’t worked with Mold Men directly but remember their cars and vans driving around. I called on Monday morning and got a call back shortly after that. Matt was able to come out to assess our situation a couple days later. We set up an appointment for Monday. The technicians were prompt and made quick work of our problem. Kudos to the technicians who had to work in our small ceiling crawl space to absolve the problem. They worked quickly and efficiently. We got a good quote and they stuck to that price. I’d hire again.

Joel Friend

An absolute wonderful experience! You can't dispute the scientific facts when it comes to a lawsuit & Mold Men brought them to the table! I can't thank Bill, Mike & Gannon enough for the incredible job they did on my basement and to help me win my case! Definitely the best investment I've ever made!

Chris Butkiewicz

We had been dealing with different contractors for months trying to get quotes and work started. It was a nightmare. Once we called mold men they were in with a quote, started, completed and cleaned up within 3 days. The damage was more extensive than expected but the amount due was still exactly as quoted.

Jill Jacobs

The whole process was professional and easygoing. I only had two rooms to deal with, some might not think it a big deal but they did an air test first, and remediated after that. Worth every penny.

L. Scheid

Professional staff (Matt), no hard selling, honest feedback and reporting of results, on time for appointments.

Megan Sinagoga

We were very impressed with Mold Men and the service they provided.  We had mold in multi-levels of our home.  They contained all the work areas and we felt very safe with the green technology process they used to remove mold.  The work was done in a professional manner and we would recommend Mold Men to anyone who has a mold problem.

Jeff & Carla G.

We had a mold problem in the finished basement of our home.  I had a medical condition with a breathing problem and the mold was causing me great difficulty.  Mold Men came in and did a wonderful job of mold remediation for us.  They completely contained our basement and I had no difficulty while they were doing the job.  Since the job was done, I have not had any breathing difficulty.  I was very impressed with this company and the green process they use to remediate mold.

Mrs. C

I had mold infestation on the 2nd floor of my home that was a problem for me over a long period of time.  I had Mold Men provide mold remediation service for me.  They were in my home for a two week period and all the workers were very courteous and professional. Mold Men did an excellent job in removing the mold infestation from my home.

Kathy G.

I was very happy with.  They did what they said they would do and when they said they would do it.  I would highly recommend Mold Men and the job they did for me.  They were not the only mold remediator I contacted or the first company I contacted.

John A.

We had a pretty serious mold problem in our attic. Mold Men remediated this mold problem and the workers and the staff were very professional and courteous.  I was concerned that this job would be a big inconvenience for my family but the way they did the job was no inconvenience at all.  I am happy with the service from Mold Men.

Sue H.

We were happy with the service we received from Mold Men and we would definitely call them in the future if we ever have a mold problem again.

Ron & Cheryl S.

We had  mold in our attic and Mold Men remediated it for us.  We would refer them to anyone in need of mold remediation.

Kevin & Dereen K.

I was flipping a property and discovered that I needed to remove some mold in the basement before I was able to finalize my sale and close on the house. I had three mold removal companies take a look and give me estimates. Mold Men was hands down the most professional and was the only one that suggested we do testing to see exactly what we were dealing with. They completed the work quickly, were affordable, and got the job done right the first time. I would use them again.

Jeffrey S.


We eradicate mold using concentrated hydrogen peroxide. The dangers associated with mold make it crucial to seek professional assistance for its removal. Contact Mold Men to ensure a safe and effective solution.

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Water damage can cause dangerous mold infestations. Mold Men can help you at any stage of your water damage issue.  We use commercial grade de-humidification and air drying machines to dry out your property. If mold is present, we will remove it safely using our mold removal products.

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Mold Men offers a full line of mold testing services. We use a Certified third party lab to give us the most accurate results possible. Our goal it to provide you with the right information and do the job right the first time. Testing can save you time and money!

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We initiate the Mold Men removal procedure with a complimentary in-home inspection and consultation. The presence of our experts ensures you receive unparalleled service. This is what distinguishes Mold Men as the leading choice for mold remediation.

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We are certified specialists who use professional products that are safe for humans and pets. Our methods are effective against the most dangerous contaminants like Coronavirus, Salmonella, bacterial like E-Coli, Staphylococcus, and infectious mold like Chaetomium, Stachybotrys, Aspergillus/Penicillium and Cladosporium.

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Containment the most important step! Mold releases spores into the air that can contaminate other areas. We set up containment zones and air filtration systems to ensure the best possible containment and prevent the spreading of mold spores.

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